Autism, the only “desease” where treatment is forced on the people who have it.

Have you ever noticed that Autism is the only health condition where the “cure” is completely unwelcome by those who have it? The “fix” none of us wants?  Where the “sufferers” are not given a choice about treatment to make the “disease” look and sound invisible? Where the person is regarded as a “problem” and a “plague” ? Heart disease cancer diabetes and high blood pressure are spoken of as something someone has. All my life I have been treated as somebody with issues who needs to “improve” have caregivers or meds. (I no longer take meds) I am so tired of it!!! It’s exhausting. Mentally emotionally and physically. Why aren’t I treated like a person!? Can’t take much more. Nobody with heart conditions or other ailments mentioned above are regarded as the health condtions they have. Nobody ever addresses another person as a heart disease a stroke or a cancer. When asked why they would quickly answer that it would be insensitive. Yet those same people think nothing of calling Autistic people names that are just as hurtful. No one asks if we want ABA electric shock vaccines meds or any of the other “remedies” out there. NT’s have no idea what it’s like. Nore do they care. Most of them. Two days in a row my caregiver has not shown up. When I ask and ask for help with a major problem I’m having I’m ignored or laughed at. My depression is bad all the time. Missed therapy and the labs I needed to get. Guess they don’t consider me a person of much importance. Since I’m a “disease” that won’t go away. Having gone through this crap-while having a srious medical condition ignored-is more hurtful than I can dsecribe.  Including from family. I can only hope that NT’s will one day try to stop “treating” us. And realize the “cure” is much worse-and unwelcome-that the “desease.”

Neurotribes-abelist book supports ABA.

I borrowed the audiobook Neurotribes from the library. And it kept going on about a cure.  It spoke about family after family, and what the parents “suffered” in a way to “fix” their children.  No input from the kids was involved. In fact no consideration from the Autistic people was sought whatsoever. Either in the cases mentioned or the writing of the book itself. These “experts” had no right to speak for us. I realized that no matter how many times we post write talk speak up or try to educate neurotypicals about the harmful effects of “curing” us, they are not going to listen.  It’s like they are determined to continue harming Autistic children through their selfish thinking. Every attempt to “heal” those of us on the spectrum always involves suppressing or ending the aspects of our condition-for lack of a better word-that the don’t want to see or hear.  No matter how much input they recieve  from us. It’s as if they are determined to turn Autistic people into robots without the slightest consideration for what we might experience. It gets me very upset and deppressed. I hate that book. Would the authors have supported Autism speaks? I didn’t finish listening to it. The hostility toward us is very painful. For wich the ABA crowd has shown little sympathy.  It seems that most NT’s have that attitude. I would like to have a cure if it actually worked. But would be very wary. Avoid the Neurotribes book by Steve Silberman. These “experts” don’t need your support. The real ones do. I will return the audiobook to the library as soon as possible.

6 Ways to Help Your Dog Survive the Fourth of July

Cats too!! Keeps cats indoors!!

The Dante Diaries

Fireworks have been a traditional part of America’s Fourth of July celebrations since the Declaration of Independence was signed in 1776. But as popular as fireworks displays are, animals don’t understand that the bursts of light and deafening explosions are just for fun. To them, Independence Day seems more like the end of days!

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Dogs have jumped fences, broken chains, torn through screen doors, and even leaped through glass doors—sometimes seriously injuring themselves in the process—in a desperate (and futile) effort to escape the bombardment. Not surprisingly, after fireworks displays, animal shelters report an influx of lost cats and dogs. Many animals who disappear on the Fourth of July are never found again.

Play it safe by taking the following precautions to help your animal companions survive the annual reenactment of the Revolutionary War with as little stress as possible:

1. Never take dogs to…

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Black Autistic lives matter.

With all the talk about “Black lives matter” in the news. And the renewed interest in the civil rights movement of the nineteen sixties,  I couldn’t help noticing how many Autistic people of color have been targeted  Arrested, tasered, missing, and murdered while ignored by all those marching and protesting in Washington DC and elsewhere:

Jeffrey Marini black Autistic
Murdred, shot dead by a cop
for making noise.
Jaquarious Kendall went missing then found
dead in a lake
Reginald Cornelius Latson (better known as Neli),
a Black autistic adult, has also been confined,
indefinitely, in the very same institution as
Arnaldo … after suffering solitary confinement
and other abuse for years in Virginia prisons
stemming from his arrest after police were called
because he existed in public while Black and autistic
waiting for a library to open. (That’s after the
governor’s “conditional pardon” by the way.)
Steven Eugene Washington, a 27 year old black man
who reportedly had never had a run in with the law,
was shot dead while walking to a friend’s house
in Los Angeles. When he was reportedly
approached for “acting suspiciously”,
Bloodied Autistic person arrested.
Autistic black man killed by police in his own
home. I could go on and on. It seems black lives
matter only if they are NT and able-bodied.

Since when is walking down the street “acting suspiciously”?

But these spectrumites  being treated as if they don’t exist by their own race because of their neurobiology is inexcusable. And I can’t figure it out.

How many times have you heard the disabled  mentioned by all these special interest groups? It’s descrinination by those who scream and riot about being descrininated against. I don’t understand this. Jefferey and the others were and are  just as important as everyone else.

They were/are Americans. They were black. Their lives mattered.

Quotes found on the internet.