Pastors speak up in support of abortion.

Women have no business being pastors to begin with. It says so in the word of God.

Today is the day for shock. In Iowa a league of women pastors announced that they wholeheartedly support Planned Parenthood and abortion. Yes they did. They did say that they didn’t speak for the congregation. I have a news flash for them. As Pastors you lead Christ’s flock. You either lead them to Christ and […]

via Pastors Declare Their Support For Abortion — ‘I Am NOT Ashamed of the Gospel of Christ!’



I’m patriotic and despise guns.

So, your not a “patriot” unless your are totally into guns and gun violence!?? People call soldiers “heroes” while they are overseas with a weopon in their hands. But when they come home wounded and needing attention, all of a sudden they are not called heroes anymore. And are most likely forgotten. So…I don’t love my country unless I’m willing to blow someone’s head off? A nation founded on the Book that says thou shalt not kill and love your enemies. Is all of a sudden not called the Bible anymore? I love my country and I love my neighbor. And may God help me one day love my enemies. This country is evil and headed for judgement. No, God is not a Santa Claus who winks at your sin. He sees every sin and hears every sinful thought. He knows I love my country. And hate guns just as He does.

By Catherine Fowler