Guns in God’s house!?????

Well, I saw it. I thought I would. A post on Pintrest about-guns in church!!?? In God’s house!!!???? Have these people not read the Bible!?? The commandment that states thou shalt not kill? Those who take to the sword shall parish by the sword turn the other cheek love thy enemies? Weapons in that holy place?? People condemn me for not going. Well, I do not go to God’s house to get shot. The only things those folks are worshiping are their guns and themselves. How long before God cleans those places out? It seems people think if you aren’t obsessed with guns and gun violence your not “Christian.” No gun has ever saved a single life. That’s like saying cyanide saves lives. Get the behind me Satan!! Only faith in God can protect us from the violence in today’s world. I it worth their souls?? If you do not serve God you serve the devil. God cannot bless a country like ours. judgement is not far away. Are the preachers armed? The ones that are more interested in Singing groups cds dvds and Taco bell than they are seeing members of his congregation getting into Heaven when they die? Tell where in the Bible it says guns save lives? To take firearms into churches? Judgement begins at the house of God. May it come quickly before-God forbid-a child gets hurt or killed. I can worship the Prince of peace at home. I knew this was coming that I would see guns in churches. I was hoping I was wrong. May Jesus protect us.


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