Ripped off again.

How do you live on ten freaking dollars? That’s how much my payee sent me. this week.I am getting less money from the stupid payee than I did before a voucher started covering most of my rent! Everybody seems to think I have no right to my own funds. Then they gripe when I don’t buy clothes and sheets and food. And do laundry. Have no money in my pocket! then claim I am wasting funds. How can I be wasting it when I’m struggling so hard it’s destroying me? That I’m worthless garbage and so no right to the basics needed to live. After all I’m handicapped. Maybe to live at all. Nobody will help me. If I really am garbage with “no right to live” then maybe I shouldn’t live any longer. Been thinking that way a lot. I can’t take this anymore. The hate and poverty. And I have a beloved cat to take care of. My family wants me to turn over every penny I have to the payee for her personal use. (Seriously they said it) While I starve to death. Now, how many times do they want me to ride the bus? Let’s see them live on ten dollars!


3 thoughts on “Ripped off again.

  1. Thank you Jesse! Your the only one that’s shown any compassion, or sympathy. I got another check but have gotten only ten dollars before. And your right. It is unethical. Thanks so much for the reblog though!


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