Nestlé Help Stop Slave Labor Used to Make Pet Food!

Slaves catch the fish destined for our pet food. Will you sign this Care2 petition asking Nestlé, owner of Fancy Feast and Purina pet food, to end slavery in its supply chain?

A recent New York Times investigation revealed horrific slavery that occurs on Thai fishing boats. Immigrants from Cambodia and Myanmar are promised jobs in construction or other industries, only to be sold into slavery on the sea. The fish they are forced to catch is then turned into U.S. pet food.
On Thai fishing boats, slaves endure abuse that sounds like something from another era. If the men protest, they’re beheaded. If they get sick, they’re thrown overboard. If they don’t work fast enough, they’re beaten. Sometimes, they’re forced to stay below deck in a putrid fishing hold.

Fish meal caught in this way is used in top pet food brands such as Iams, Meow Mix and Fancy Feast. Sadly, the United States is the top supporter of Thai fish. We need to put pressure on Nestlé to stop supporting the slave labor that goes into this supply chain.

Mars, Inc., which sold a quarter of the world’s pet food in 2012, has a plan to ensure its pet food is slavery-free by 2020. Nestlé has said it cares about slavery, but has failed to produce a plan to address the issue.

Nestlé has a moral imperative to follow Mars’ leadership. Please sign the petition to urge Nestlé to use only non-threatened fish caught legally or raised on farms and certified by third-party auditors! From Care2 petition.


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