Autism beware the multi-colored ribbon.

You may have noticed it lately-every time anything ius mentioned about Autism the person eventually mentions the nausiating and perverted rainbow flag. With God condemns and hates.Thses fakers are NOT Autistic. Anything resembling true Autism such at desperately needed therapy and treatment-is critisized. There is no “spectrum.” The antire desease-and yes it is a desease-has been totally pushed aside while all you hear about is perversion. I have to hurry this 9is a library computer. But will write more later. Quit trying to hide your perversion behind the Autism disorder. You are preventing people from getting the help they need. The ones that are really Autistic. And Autistics abo0ve the age of thirty do exist. Enough already. Stop!!! Autistics are comitting suicide.


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