Enough already “Doctor Phil Mcgraw.

So, “Doctor” Phil McGraw, Autistic people afflict those around them by being handicapped? The NT’s are being victimized? In today’s episode of Dr. Phil, the title was “fighting for our kids.” It sounded more like fighting against our kids. I didn’t stay tuned in to hear them whining about what those kids did to them. And things like what the Autism community fights for. Like therapy and services where ignored. No people, you are not being victimized by the Spectrumites of this world.  And “Doctor” Phil I don’t care about your ratings. A lot of people watch your show and are looking for an excuse to continue doing the awful things that are being visited on the handicapped.  What did they do on that show, tell folks to light it up blue? Sing the praises of Autism speaks!?? Phil McGraw you make me sick. Physician heal thyself. Those of us with Autistic disorders go through enough and fight hard enough for every bit of progress we are able to make in the NT world. We don’t need people like him tearing it apart. Wish I had the courage to email him. Maybe someone else will. They could inform him about the Judge Roettenberg center but it probably wouldn’t do any good. Any sugeestions? Gotta hurry my poor kitten is sick and nobody will help me take her to the vet. Hey Dr. McGraw, why don’t you dicuss spectrumites being roibbed? Oh, I forgot. Ratings!! Well you can eat your ratings McGrw. I hope your stupid show gets cancelled! Is he even really a Doctor?


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