Bless my landlord.

I found a kitty who was being terribly neglected. And about to be abandoned. She was forced to live outdoors and fed dog food. Anyway, I brought her. Home. Needing her as much as she needed me. She had kittens and was doing well. I was going through a very rough period have extreme trouble with things like keeping my apartment clean and depression. Begging for help wich nobody would give. Finally the landlord-of all people-saw what was going on and stepped forward to help. Not only did he and a couple of others spend hours cleaning. He put the extremely high payee neglected water bill in his name. He showed me endless pateince. Not once did he get angry or yell. Anyway, He adopted Deena the mama cat and kittens himself! It turns out he’s a schoolteacher who works with Autistic kids. His little boy has Autism too. Not too many would have taken on five rambunctous kittens and the mother cat. Let alone all that work. Bless him.  He’s going to bring me a bed since mine was thrown out. I passed a HUD inspection. With his help. It broke my heart when the cats were picked up. ButGod’a hand was in this.  Can you see it?


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