I Would Have Missed…

JohnA Passaro

“Would you rewind, or fast forward?”

BettyJane posed this question to me while we were in the midst of dealing with an abnormal amount of relentless CHAOS the other day.

CHAOS, that had both of us cornered at the brink.

When I didn’t immediately answer, BettyJane persisted,

“No seriously, if you could either rewind your life, or fast forward it – which one would you pick?”

“I would push play,” I said.

As I have learned that attempting to go through horror with grace is difficult, but attempting to go through horror without grace is unwise and extremely unproductive.

“You really would want to be right here?”

Yes, I would want to be right here,” I said as firmly as a baseball umpire would shout “Out” on a close call at first base, knowing the more firmly he said it the more convincing he would be.

I said it very firmly.

But I…

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