I’ll take two bags of dog treats please!

The Dante Diaries

Did you know that humans have stores that you can drive though and get a carton of milk? How cool…Last night when SHE got home SHE grabbed me up and put me in the Moon Mobile and we went to this cool store…yep, SHE pulled right up and they brought HER a carton of milk…cool. As I was HER shopping assistant I had to check out his cool place…maybe they have doggie treats here too! I was told to sit back down & be a good boy

This must be love

I obeyed and sat down very patiently waiting for some attention…

This must be love

When the milk lady didn’t notice me…I decided to bark out loud…

This must be love

That did the trick…she called me “cutie pie” and said she wished she had a treat for me…maybe next time milk lady…I’m sure SHE will be back and so will I

drive thru

You have to check out these cool stores…you never…

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