Can we not get away from it?

On American Ninja warrior there was a female athlete, who talked about having signed up for an Autism bike race. And wore a puzzle piece on her shirt. Can anyone say Autism speaks? Of course it was all about “raising awareness.” I can’t take it anymore. Imagine how the Jews in the camps would have felt if everybody had worn swastikas to raise “Nazi awareness.” Signed up for bike races to race money for Hitler’s final solution. And wore red every April. You get the idea. If I hear “raising awareness” again, as Paul Washer puts it “I think I’m gonna get thrown in jail.” Why wasn’t that woman home with her daughter who needed her? Oh, I forgot. She was far more concerned with wearing a puzzle piece than she was about her child on the spectrum. “Raise awareness” lady. I’m sure you care more about your child than Autism speaks does.


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