Home sweet home West virignia

The Appalachians are home to my spirit

Tucked away with back roads at my feet

To most, country means two-lane living

One lane living is country I deem


Flat bare soil is hard to come by

Steep inclines most are covered by trees

Changing colors from rich greens to ambers

In this land is where they’ll bury me


Spellbound by wild rugged beauty

Life’s not easy as others may seek

That’s why most who stay want to be here;

Their strength simply cannot be beat


Many suffered and died much the miners

Working hard for their families to grow

History tells of those tougher than cowboys

Fight to live is what most they have known


While the spring water to nourish our bodies

Mountain air to clear our brains

Food is gathered from fresh country gardens

Hay is cut on the sloping terrain


Take my hand and I’ll show you my seed beds

Walk with me to my home in the trees

Here I live with a humble existence

Mongst the birds, hens, deer, dogs, and bees


THe daytime is brightened by the cardnals

Nigh lightening bugs flash into view

Frogs and crickets harmonize, all surrounding

Huntin hounds in seek of raccoon


If I die here tomarrow I’ve found Heaven

While on earth I’ve lived through my days

Old time country is my kind of livin’

I’m fulfilled here, sustained, and amazed


It’s been claimed by the residents that have left here

They can’t stay away for too long

As though lured by a  spell of devotion

Or influenced by a method through song


If I must leave, my body will implore me

Pulled apart by it’s indearing strings

I’ll be lost till I see rolling mountains of trees


Keeping homes makes us active people

Mining coal, cutting wood for our hearths

Runninf farms, raising families, tracking wildlife

West Virginia, home sweet home of big hearts

We’ve labled Hillbillies and Rednecks

Yet we’re richer than some care to know

We’re the Mountaineers of West Virginia

It is here that we choose to call home


-By Christy L. Toliver Gaines WV


















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