Autism speaks rant.

I was just looking at the Autism speaks website. Always a mistake.  They had all these atricles about all these “services” they allegedly provide fr those of us on the spectrum. Yeah right. When Hell freezes over!! All I could think about were the Autism everyday and the Suzanne Right videos. What Autistic people are facing and dealing with. The poverty. Lack of lifesaving medical care. The bullying. the indifference. The Rottenerg center. The problems with schools and the challenges with the system parents face. How hard it is in West Virignia where there is nothing and no effort eing made. The way Autism speaks claims to “care” about families while conducting  genetic research and siding with those who murder us. Come on Nuerotribes, don’t let them get away with this. Time to shut that place down! The might be Goliath but we are like mighty David. Make no mistake we can do it. All I want to see on their website is how their lies have stopped. And everything else they do.


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