Heads up about Disabled & aged group!

This Twitter group is extremely critical and condemning of people with Asperger’s syndrome.  I mean extremely. Avoid and block them.  Here are some quotes…

pda aspergers who use the same tactic and psychopaths make up a large proportion of medical staff,

who because of the nature of thier disorders seek to hide their own ,,,yet see much illness in others

no im not in the bait of going about crucifying people, are yu histrionically seeeking an excuse to go off?

like an insane clucking histrionic flapping chicken scared of its own eggs?

    I wish Doctors had such insight

   Hell no !/

And the real prizewinner…

pathological demand avoidance autism, its what the legislators suffer from..they avoid the demand to legislat

Stay away from this loser Autistics! Don’t listen to their crap. They clearly are not Autistic. Nobody on the spectrum would act like that.


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