Have you noticed…?

Have you noticed? Over and over people claim to be “Christian” when really all they care about are guns and killing. The two are not compatible. Jesus said love your enemies. Gun violence is totally a sin according to Gods word. You cannot love God and guns. Spend some time reading the Bible. And those who live by the sword shall perish by the sword. The level of hate is incredible. Especially among many who claim to be “born again.” They clearly are not.  What they will hear on Judgement day is…”depart from me you you worker of iniquity I never knew you.  Has this nation, this world totally abandoned God, created a god in their own image, and think they are going to spend eternity in Heaven? You cannot have hate in your heart and claim to love the Heavenly Father. Quit worshiping your guns. Repent and turn to the only one who can save you. The problem is especially evident on Twitter. It’s not worth it blocking people all the time. The Bible warns us about false religions. About wolves in sheep’s clothing. Those people are so filled with rage. And obsession with themselves.  It’s scary. But I’ve already had a loaded gun pointed at me and God protected me. All I hear is “people are scared.” Well where is the faith of those who fill the pews of our chruches every Sunday? Patriotism is not Salvation and it does not mean you know the one who died on the cross for His enemies. Besides, this country was founded on God’s word. Even read something about guns being taken into God’s house!! It’s time for real Christians. Enough of the “God and guns thing. There’s far too much of that. Have you noticed? P.S., I’m not trying to express a holier than thou attitude here. Or think I’m more righteous than those around me.



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