What’s going on out there??

I heard a noise a little while ago and looked outside. There was a big fire truck in the parking lot of my apartment complex with red lights flashing! A lot of people were gathered outside the general manager’s apartment. Many paramedics walking around. It seemed somebody was sick. The paramedics were talking to someone in a chair. Then it seemed they were taking them to the hospital. It was not quite ten p.m. Then the police were looking at the door of the apartment next to that one. A building seperate from mine. This is not a large complex. It looked strange with all the lights and snow. Everyone has gone inside and the firetruck left but the police and what looks like a small white pickup are still out there. Making me nervous. I can’t go outside with wet hair. Don’t need this after a stressful day.Thank goodness my carer is coming tomarrow. Wonder what is going on out there? Update. My neighbor was shot in the arm. A bullet went through the ceiling and struck her. I’d move but the only place I could afford would be just as bad. I’m tired of being treated like dirt because I am low income and refuse to sell drugs Guns and drugs are thought of much more highly than the people who live in my state.


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