Feels like ABA can’t take much more…

Things are getting much worse here where I live.  my apartment. Putman aging-an orignization that is supposed to come to my apartment to work with me five days a week-is very manipulative. When the tub drain stopper disapeared she gave it back to me. Had it the whole time. Trying to make me do something in order to get it back! It can’t take it much more. The manipulations of her, the people she works for the landlord and general manager. Instead of doing their job. (Don’t ask)
I still have no furniture besides the beds. Despite the landlord’s promise to replace my couch wich will sit on my porch till April. My place is mostly empty.
He has threatened to take Shania my precious cat! The person from Putman wanted me to stop buying cat food!!!!!  Shania is my world. A pschycologist helped me adopt her.
Why don’t they look into why I get so little spending money from my payee since getting the voucher? If they want me to “save money?”
Instead of fixing the plumbing I have to be careful how much water goes in the tub. Now they are talking about taking away my cable and internet wich help me cope!!!! The lousy plumbing is not my fault. Why make me pay for it? I won’t survive here much longer. My depression is getting worse and worse.  It gets very hot in here. I have the window open when there is snow on the ground. It feels almost evil. What these people are doing. I can feel it when they aren’t here. It reminds me of ABA. The girl from Putman has a son with Asperger’s. The minute he “acts out” he goes to the therapist or doctor. I’m not going to put up with it in my case. The Putman girl is becoming to involved with things like my payee and needs to back off. I don’t know what to do. I have no one else to turn to. Can’t take much more and need to move. There’s and apartment building supposedly for handicapped people. Will into that.


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