Candles or bullets?

A few days ago my neighbor was shot. When a bullet went the arm.nt through her ceiling and struck her  I was told the person to blame for the incident wold be given two weeks notice. Yeah right. I have wanted to have candles in my apartment for decoration. And yet am not allowed to. Wich is more dangerous candles or firearms? I don’t want to be shot. It scares me. Yet my cries about my personal safety are ignored. With all the noise people are making about their so-called “right” to own weapons. My wanting to have  a few decorations is banned as a “hazard” while something far more dangerous is condoned? I can feel it. Like it’s suffocating me. Also the landlord’s and someone else’s lack of concern for my welfare. Need to move but where could I go? People on the Autism spectrum are  twice as likely to be murdered yet where is the concern from those around me? It’s hard to deal with. I hate guns and gun voilence. And I am condemned for it? I’m supposed to shut up and get shot? It’s sickening and I can actually feel it. My neighbor is in ICU because of people lookng the other way? And yet candles are thought to be too much of a risk?


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