Harassed by police today.

I was standing at the bus station this afternoon. waiting to get on the bus When a cop walked up to me and started asking me stupid questions. She wanted my ID. Wanted to know how old I was and where I was from. After I told her I had Asperer’s-wich I shouldn’t have done as it was not their business-they started implying I had a grenade or something after hearing I was Autistic!!! She set my purse aside and went through it. Without a warrant. When I mentioned I had a worker from a certain orginization, she wanted to know what the worker’s name was. After finding out I was an Aspie, they instructed me not to touch m pockets. Even after I said I only had a tissue and my phone in them. (Were they concerned I might call for help?) Then a male officer joined us. I could see another cop over by  a squad car. I had been waiting for the driver to return to the bus so I could get on. After after being asked where I was going. They demanded my ID and was reading the number on it to someone on a radio. She seemed suspiscous of me since my town of residence was not the same on the card since I had moved. Finally I took a couple of steps toward my purse and told them to stop treating like a criminal as I hadn’t done  anything. By then the passengers were boarding the bus. I picked up my bag and purse and got on. Then called my worker. She listened and offered to pick me up when I got back to the bus station where the harassment happened. I lost my book and experienced some other stigma in the meantime. The police who we are supposed to be able to look to for protection have become the instegaters. Where can we turn? If I remember correctly, the cop touched her gun while getting on my case. Once before in this same town a cop accused me  of being drunk. I don’t drink alcohol so how could I have been drunk? A while before that I got beat up and called law enforcement. They stood there laughing and mocking me. Is that all I and my fellow Autistics matter to those people? As a way to get their kicks? It makes me want to stay home all the time. But why should I become a prisoner? I’m not the one in the wrong. Neither are other spectrumites who suffer such pointless harassment. why don’t they do something about the brutality violence and bullying Autistics experience? Why don’t they do their job? Well, I’m going to calm down and avoid the bus station.but that doesn’t mean it won’t happen again. What if they find out where I live? Not sure how to handle this situation. Don’t feel safe even at home. PS, some people are blaming me and not caring. That’s how my family would react. So that’s why I’m not going to tell them. I don’t need that.


4 thoughts on “Harassed by police today.

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