Twelve Voices Of Easter.

In Christ’s hours of dark sorrow, from His arrest in the garden to His agonizing death on the cross, friends and followers abandoned Him and foes assailed Him. Yet voices of faith and adoration were still heard among the uncelebrated players in the Easter story–a common criminal, a Roman soldier and a weary traveler.

The Easter story demands a verdict. Ambivalence toward Jesus, as Pilate learned, is unbelief. Will you join the voices of Mary Magdalene, Cleopas, Thomas and others, and recognize that Jesus is the risen Lord, the Savior of sinful man? Like Peter, you will discover that Jesus longs to offer you forgiveness and a second chance. This drama, written by Dr. Woodrow Kroll and Keith Ghormley, will enrich your understanding of Easter. See below for a glimpse of Easter from the perspective of the characters involved in the most pivotal event in human history. Quoted from the link.


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