Where are all the old people with autism? Most of them are dead. Can we stop denying their existence and start trying to make a difference?

Left Brain Right Brain

One of the most aggravating arguments one sees in the never ending online discussions of whether autism is a “vaccine epidemic” (it isn’t) is the “where are all the old people with autism?” This invariably comes from faux autism advocates (think Age of Autism and their sponsors) who have done nothing to support an actual answer to the question. Have they backed an effort to study autistic adults, their needs, what has worked, what has failed? No.

Well, thankfully the autism community and the autism research community do consider the question of autism and adults to be important. No where near enough research goes into this field, but some does.

A study recently came out that explores, well, the title says it all: Premature mortality in autism spectrum disorder

Doctor’s diary: Why do people with autism die so young?

Now, a major Swedish study provides a wider perspective on premature…

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