How low will they go?

Today my “worker” took me to get my hair “fixed.” Her idea. I had already had a problem with my internet connection. And my payee sent me much less than she usual so I’ve been going hungry. Anyway, I didn’t have enough money to go to the hair place in spite of my worker getting on my case about not going. Today she drove me there and made me wish I’d stayed home. The way they did my hair-don’t ask-was hard enough. People stood around staring at me mocking and laughing. It was tough enough having all that done to my hair. My worker, I’ll call Ann, stood there laughing and lying. It was hardly the first time. I had told her I couldn’t afford to go and she informed me she would get the flea collar I needed for my cat and some garbage bags. Wich remain in her car.  I couldn’t find the drain stopper one day. It turned out she had it and told me to do something to get it back! She told me she would get me a hat after getting my hair fixed. But Ann stood there laughing and making jokes.  Ann ignored how tough it was for me to go through that. And the aftermath. She is very manipulating and lies to get me to do what she wants. And makes jokes instead of keeping her word. I was already going through having no gas in my apartment and a kitchen light not working that I’m not able to reach. Having to basically throw a tantrum-or meltdown-calling different people trying to get repairs made. And trying to deal with going hungry. On the way there Ann was telling her co-worker that when  your depressed you eat constantly. How could I do that if I can’t afford food? Nobody will look into the trouble with my payee I won’t go into how stressful and overwhelming today was. And then she followed me out asking me how I could be so rude. I wasn’t rude. I was trying to cope. Won’t let anyone see my hair-or lack of it-including my cat. Feel like I’ve been through a war zone and l am still there. Will probably tell Ann not to come back. Can’t make one trip to the grocery store’s worth of food last two weeks on my income. Have a therapy appointment coming up but not sure it will help. Should have stayed home from the hair place. Also had to take the bus home after all that.


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