Why I won’t be seeing God’s not dead 2 after all.

The movie God’s not dead is out now. And although I was enthusiastic about it something just didn’t seem right. Something kept bothering me about it. Then I read First Peter 5:8 “Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour.” God does not roar. He speaks to us in a still small voice. And the title, the whole focus of the whole film is on debating if God is dead or not. Nothing about hope. Nothing on redemption or forgiveness of sins. Nothing about salvation or eternal life. Jesus came so that we might have life. The entire premise of God’s not dead 2 is about a courtroom battle. Two sides getting in each others faces. Nothing of any real redeeming value here. They are making God’s Word of no effect. The people who see this piece of “entertainment” will as Paul Washer says will walk “unsaved into the street.”  Websites have mentioned being inspired by seeing the movie. Inspired how? Nothing about the real joy or peace that the Lord brings. Enough of my rant. But you get the idea. God’s not dead 2 may be showing in a theater near me but I will not be seeing it. Forgot the worldly rock music. Our real hope is in Jesus Christ not in the movies.


3 thoughts on “Why I won’t be seeing God’s not dead 2 after all.

  1. Are you going to watch it once it’s out on TV? Just curious what you think of it. I haven’t seen it yet either; I’ve heard mixed reviews. Did you see the first one (and did you like it)?


      • I saw the first one once it was available on DVD. A bit predictable, but overall not bad. As you said, it was a nice change from the usual movies. The guys from DC Talk aren’t exactly actors, but during a part when they explained God’s love and how to trust in Jesus, they seemed truly passionate. The two actors who played the pastors were pretty funny together, as well. The quote you mentioned is probably true; I doubt anyone will have a life changing experience during the movie UNLESS they’re already at that point in their life. It might put a bit of truth in someone’s mind, though.


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