Happy my friends…but I’ll miss you.

My old friends are retiring. And I’m glad. But they will be sorely missed. When I was young my parents took me to see the circus and seeing the elephants meant so much. It was my only chance to see them since there were and are no animal parks here. They were-and are-amazing. But after I discovered how they were being mistreated and abused, I raised my voice in concern. Took part in a peaceful protest when they were brought to town. Now they are back…for the last time. In response to the national outcry the circus is allegedly retiring them. These beloved creatures will finally be free of the chains and whips and be able to live their lives in freedom. Good news Ringling bros. Yesterday they had a “picnic” for them-a tradition-but I missed it. Won’t ever see those beloved elephants again. Still won’t go to the circus due to their continued abuse of other animals. But my old friends are retiring and leaving town for good. I’m happy. But will miss them.



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