Vaxxed filmakers: stop exploiting us!

Child after child. Family after family. Story after story. Lives changed forever.  Vaxxed Vaxxed Vaxxed! It’s all over the internet how “Doctor” Wakefield and his crew “care” about the victims of vaccines.  Autism is one of the most challenging disordors to live with. The lack of services. The stigma. The isolation. Autism speaks. The depression. The bullying,  The murder. Anyone on the spectrum knows how hard it is. And yet all the Vaxxed filmmakers are concerned about is soaking up the celebrity and bragging about being in the spotlight in the big cities. The line to see the film going around the block doesn’t impress me. If the kids harmed were what they actually cared about the movie would have already be in theaters in small towns across this country. I’m tired of hearing about Robert Di Nero. They need to stop cashing in on the pain and suffering of families and children. Those of us on the spectrum were not put here to be exploited. In some ways the filmmakers are as bad as Autism speaks. Maybe worse. I wonder if they are involved. Quit taking advantage of us Wakefield and wake up.  I wonder how those families and children feel. Those losers making a million dollars off of showing handicapped children suffering. Enough! The documentary is harming people almost as much as the vaccines. Babies and young children can’t say no or speak for themselves. Nothing about us without us. Or them.


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