Vaxxed rant.

A lot of people have strong-or no-feelings about the movie Vaxxed. I have posted many times on this subject. But there is something about the film that I cannot keep silent about anymore. The way the totally exclude and ignore those of us who really do have Autism. Everything about us without us. Showing life on the spectrum as a “plague” or “burden.” Footage of children with ASD  having a meltdown. Stimming. “Suffering” while not giving them or us a voice to explain what we actually go through. It’s as if they want to keep us silent. Propagandizing us. Pushing us out of the picture in order to present us as something to dread and fear. (Every second person Autistic in the future if drastic action isn’t taken now!? Really?) Sterilizing the lives of spectrumites to nothing but a tragedy to be dreaded. We are not a disease  a burden or an epidemic. There is no giant Autism tsunami waiting to break over this country. For Heaven’s sake we are human beings made in the very image of God. With all the garbage put out by the filmmakers and those who think like them, is it any wonder that we are treated the way we are by the neorotypicals  around us? Of course that is no excuse. Stop it right now. We don’t need any more being seen as things instead of people. Perhaps the Vaxxed creators do care. But their words and actions are extremely hurtful and damaging. Wich they ignore. When will the stigma hate bullying poverty being stolen from tortured neglected, vilified, racism, discrimination murder and torture end? Probably not any time soon thanks to this documentary. First Autism  speaks and now Vaxxed. Please don’t be silent about this. Whatever your feelings or thoughts about the film.  Enough is enough. Vaxxed should not have been made.


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