The blues of no computer. But…

Arrgh!! My laptop quit working. I can’t afford minutes for my phone. Or food. Can’t explain what being computer-less is like. Others with Autism might understand.  Don’t think anyone will fix the laptop. Am using the computer at the library.  AM so-o-o bord and depressed!! No one really to to talk to. well, besides my beloved kitty. feel so isolated a=neglected and ignored. Just watch tv a lot at home. Still having trouble breathing. Walking up and down that steep hill doesn’t help. Feeling very alone. Vulnerable and overwhelmed. hekpless. Don’t feel good phsysically.  But…the Vandailia gathering festival is this weekend. Been looking foword to that. two buses each way but fun. Will be so hot then!! Got the computer blues with the festival to look forword to.


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