Is Aspergers the evolved/elevated human being ?

While I disagree that people evolved, the following article is interesting.

I sometimes wonder if the individual with Aspergers the new evolved human. A highly sensitive and thinking individual who ponders about how different he is from the fellow human beings. A evolved human who has the ability to feel others, is highly perceptive of others, cannot be aggressive even if wanting to….something prevents us from entering aggression. Maybe its our sensitivity and knowledge of oneness of all life forms and a strong inner core or our consciousness which we cannot go against because if we do we feel guilty.Our ability to understand survival is quite tough. Maybe our minds operate from a different level. Its so different from what every child is taught in school..Darwin’s theory of survival of the fittest. With Aspergers its no more survival. Its a call from the future where we move from the brain to heart zone where we see a deep connection in all life forms and how they all help each other without trying to prove who is better.
There are no divides in this world. Humans created territories just like animals do.. But there is something beyond which created this whole earth without any divide or boundaries. Is the human now evolving from survival to a far greater understanding of life.



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