No cure for me I won’t become an NT.

For a long time I have considered that my life would be so much better without the disorder that make my life such a challenging. The stimming. The depression. The isolation. The communication problems. The sensory sensitivity. The thinking diofficulties. Behavioral differences. Having so much trouble doing things others accomplish with ease. Especially the stigma.There is so much crap NT’s don’t have to go through. The fear. The danger. Seeing what my neurotribes experience. Living in substandered housing and having no money and almost no medical care. Then I looked around. Many might consider me insane for saying this. But this world is full of so much hate and violence. Pain and fear the NT’s inflict on each other. Starvation, homelessness. Child abuse. People thinking you can make excuses for anything. Judging evil considered worse that evil itself. Eugenics. Seeing bloodshed killing and drugs as “good” and “Christian.” Siding with those who do wrong and calling them the “victims.” Those in prison are pittied and fussed over. Including those who murder the handicapped. Autistic people don’t act like that. And yet we are the ones called “crazy” psychotic cold and lacking empathy. Not once are we defended when we are murdered of otherwise victimized by those around us. This world can forget about using their so-called “cure” on me. Your not turning this lady into an NT. I’m not interested.


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