The trouble with

A while back someone on Twitter told me they were wanting to write a book about Autistic people and animals. I told her how my cat Shania came to my rescue once.The book is now published as an e-book. And the writer offered me a free copy. But you have to have a credit card to sign onto!!!!!! The story I shared is very personal and included a picture of Shania. But I won’t ever be able to read or see it because of Amzon’s greed!!! I have a payee not a credic card and feel cheated. Can’t tell you what this is like. The fact that nobody will care or help me is the worst to say the least. That’s why I didn’t want it to be an ebook!!!  One reason. The title is “Autism and animals: The benefits of animals for Autstic people Kindle edition.  Here’s the link.If you read or see it please let me know. Shania is a beautiful calico cat and a true hero. She makes such a difference in my life. But I wish I had not shared her story with that author. I don’t fault her it’s Amazon’s fault.


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