My cat Shania’s in an e-book!

An author posted on Twitter that she was collecting stories for a book about how Autistic people are benefitted by animals like pets. I told her about my cat and best friend Shania. She agreed to include my story. The book is now published in Kendle edition!! The author sent me a free copy. But I am unable to sign up for without a credit card! Got so upset. Still am. I have a payee and no card. I posted about the book on a crafting website that has a chat room-a board really-and started going on about “awareness.”  I became really ticked off and vented. Then one who has an Autistic grandson bought the book, transferred it to a PDF file and sent me the link!! It hasn’t arrived yet. But if it doesn’t open she offered to print out the book and send it if the PDF doesn’t work. You’d think they would be ticked off after I vented. We have all known each other on that site for a long time.  The author has no connection to the crafting website. The book is called Autism & animals: the benefits of animals for Autistic people. Here’s a link.

How many times must we say stop the “awareness!?

I belong to a crafts website, and the people on it have known each other for a long time. I told them about an Autism book and, they jumped on the “awareness” tirade and will not get off it. I tried to explain but they won’t listen. Provided a link but it was a waste of time. Spoiled the website for me. Cannot describe how upset it makes me. When I think about what is being done to  the Neurotribes. Makes me sick. Something more positive related that will be in the next post. But I’m still upset. P. S., for a while my future posts will be in green. In honor of the flood victims-human and animal-in West Virginia.






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