Red cross giving like donating to Autism speaks.

Last night there was a telethon on TV for the West Virginia flooding victims. It was a great program broadcast nationwide. And they raised over three hundred twenty six thousand dollars. Wonderful. Then I realized. The money was going to the Red cross. An organization  well known for it’s corruption and greed. The funds seldom if ever reach the ones they are given for. It dawned on me that the contributors did not intend for their cash to help the people in the mountain state the show was allegedly held for. There are people who have lost everything here. Thousands homeless. Disease will be rampant and unemployment widespread. Recovery will take months if not years. Many lives lost. Have not heard a single thing about comforting or praying for those who have lost loved ones. Guess that has no monetary value. Many live in mountainous areas not easy to access or depart from. Some of the worst places for something like this. And yet hundreds still turn over funds to the Red cross. Knowing what they are like. When I try to talk to them about it all they do is talk Red cross defend their actions or say oh but… I took some cleaning supplies to a collection point here. And am either thought to be crazy or nobody has any interest real practical assistance for those effected by the high water. They give to the Red cross because it’s the Red cross for Heaven’s sake!!! I get this feeling, literally, of the survivors suffering while this heartless nationwide ritual is carried out some sort of game of the name in the name of “helping the flood victims.” It makes me sick and reminds me of Autism speaks. How so many fill their pockets and light it up blue putting on a showy front of “caring” about Neurotribes while Autism $peaks does nothing for us. Telling us we know nothing about our own disorder. And at the same time claiming to be “helping” us by “fixing” our ASD if we want it or not. This time it hits home because the flooding is in my home state. Those that get patted on the back are those who talk about finances. Not actual services or help. Where have we heard that before? The flood victims are being treated the same way those of us on the spectrum are. Like they don’t count. In this big money game. Makes me sick. West Virginia is known for it’s poverty and a lot of those who called the telethon or wrote a check might have they were helping. Or did they? It’s like a mocking thing they do and rub it in the faces of those in need. Why the obsessions about money? Jesus didn’t say write a check. He said feed the hungry help the sick and visit those in prison. Those who give to Autism speaks claim they “care” about us. Oh, really? What will those who have lost so much here do when winter comes? How many are handicapped or need medicine or in home care? It gets very cold in these mountains that time of year. And everyone is patting themselves on the back for having given money while those poor souls will be sick hungry and freezing.  Will the death toll go up? I feel very very sad thinking about it. (By the way, seventy million is wasted on illegals in WV every year) The way the givers to the Red cross have been so arrogant really bothers me. Mind you, there has not been much noise about wanting the government or FEMA to do everything. People here have been very independent reaching out neighor helping neighor and it is still inspiring. But enough with the play-acting. Stop donating money to the corrupt orginizations and begin doing something that makes a difference. Stop hiding behind self senteredness smug excuses and dollars.







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