Robbed!? Again!??

My stupid payee didn’t send me my spending check this week. People belittle and mock me when I complain about it. Downplaying how much I need that money. There is nothing funny about it. That loser has no right to do this. They belong in jail. Imagine if I did what they are doing? (I wouldn’t) Everybody either doesn’t care or, seems to  think that I have no right to my own funds because they are not physically in my hands. That you don’t give money to those that don’t have it. What that payee is doing is a crime. All these orginizations keep telling me they will do something about it. Then when i But can’t take being robbed.t comes time to keep their word, they pass the buck!! Can’t take it anymore. I can litterally feel how wrong it is. I don’t have any money and the thought of that #*%*# doing on shopping sprees with my money sickens me. I can’t live like this. Need the money to take care of my cat. How can people be so cold? That they would do this to her? Where is my so-called “family”? Maybe if I take my life and that loser gets all of my disability check people will finally be happy. Think of suicide a lot. might contact a hotline. But can’t take being robbed. That stupid payee is evil.


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