Shotgun blasts fired: I’m scared.

I live in a small apartment complex that has an area shaped like a courtyard. I just heard what sounded liked gunshots out there. It’s 12:03 a.m. I’m scared. I live up a holler. And the people next door who live just below-my apt’s on a small rise-sell drugs every night. Where there are drugs there’s violence. I called 911 and the dispatcher said she would send someone but I doubt it. The sheriff knows about the drugs and does nothing.  Anything goes here in West Virginia. The law is a joke. The landlord won’t take action. Nobody I tell will do anything or even care because it’s not them. Thhe cops would swear they sent someone but I would hear their car. Those losers outside know nothing will be done to stop them. I don’t want bullets coming through my wall or window. Don’t want to be the second one in this complex  to be shot and thrown out! Forget about sleeping. The cars come and go every night to buy and sell the drugs. No chance of moving. The people who are supposed to be helping me do nothing to help me find another place to live. I brought my precious kitty in my bedroom and closed the door. But what difference will that make? Narcotics made people influence people to do some very bad things. I don’t know what to do. I’m alone in this. I hate evrybody. Especially those who claim to be “working with” me. All they care about is grabbing government insurance money. I’m alone and afraid. Where is Jesus? This apartment complex is a very very bad place. If residents can fire shotguns in the middle of the night endangering people and nobody does anything. Might use a crisis center chat. It helped before. I’m frightened. P.S., Shotgun blats are coming now from the cop’s girlfriend’s house next door. It’s a cop so you know he will get away with anything. Having to keep my poor kitty in my room away from the windows. Just hope we don’t get shot. What a night. What a life.


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