Robbed again nowhere to turn.

Well, the stupid check didn’t come today. I knew it wouldn’t. I’m going hungry while that stupid payee is probably eating in resteraunts. What really hurts and ticks me off is the fact that nobody cares. no one will do a blasted thing about it. You think they are going hungry? I need that money. Still thinking about suicide. Maybe people want me dead. Then that loser really would get every penny. People would be happy and I wouldn’t be suffering like this. Keeping my cat in my room away from the windows because of the shotgun blasts is almost unbearable. Becaus of her high pitched meows. (Bless my kitty.) All these people putting money in their pocket because they are grabbing government finances makes me sick. Can’t take it any more. Will call some but maybe will stop the disability check from being issued in the first place. Then when the money’s  not going into their pockets they will really scream. but maybe I  will be gone.


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