The tutorial? Again?? For a therapist?

I cannot believe I had to do the Autism tutorial again!!!! Yesterday I told my therapist I’d been having meltdowns and she asked me what one was!! What? I can’t believe it. This woman has a master’s degree in physchotherapy! Why is it that people like her are the only ones NT’s will pay any attention to?!! What is going on? How can therapy help if the professional leading it doesn’t even know what they are doing? Members of the Neurotribes will know what I am referring to. Am all upset about it. The fact that my cat Shania once saved my life was ignored. I guess because my life means little to people like her. And what is with all the “analizing?” What happened to treating handicapped human beings like human beings? it’s like they are looking at a computer. Is the problem in the hard drive? A virus? That goes for the way we are treated by the rest of neurotypicals. it’s hurtful and damaging. And all the NT’s do is smirk or chuckle or get angry or go into this long tirade. More dehumanizing. Can’t take much more. No one will listen. These appointments are doing more harm than good. She doesn’t listen. I won’t do the tutorial for anyone again. Let them learn how to listen and give a darn for once.


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