The Sinner’s Prayer | Paul Washer.

To “receive Christ” is not praying a prayer. To receive Christ is to open up our lives to Him. And the evidence that we have opened up our life to Him is that gradually He begins to take more and more of our life. When a person first hears the gospel and they open their life to Jesus…they do not fully understand what they are doing. But that’s okay. They want to hear His Word and they want to submit to it. They are sincere, “Jesus I want you to be Lord of my life.” But gradually as they begin to grow, they begin to see what that means. And that’s the process of sanctification. Little by little God begins to show us what it means for Him to be Lord of our life. And little by little we are required to submit more and more to that lordship of Christ. That’s why when a brand new Christian says, “Jesus is Lord!” he truly means it. But when a Christian of 60 years says it, it means something quite different. But to receive Him is not just to pray a prayer; it’s to open our life to Him! And little by little, surrender ourselves to Him ~ (Paul Washer, HeartCry Missionary Society)

“Salvation belongs to the Lord…” (Psalm 3:8) and it is a supernatural work of the Holy Spirit (John 3). He is the only one that should keep a record of it. Please just preach the Word, make disciples, and let God save who He intends to save (John 6:37)! My prayer is that His Spirit will convict and edify you and may God ultimately be glorified by this. Quoted from You tube.


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