Letter to higher ups.

Well, still having financial problems. Now my check is no longer being mailed. It is sometimes being stick under my door. It turns out the lump sum of all my payee’s client’s money is being dumped into one bank account. Wich probably isn’t even legal. My so called “caretaker” has not shown up in two days. When I called where she worked they maes excuses. And asked if I wanted them to send someone else. Don’t think so. Don’t need the headaches anxiety and daily meltdowns. Am trying to get into an apartment closer to my family but am not hopeful. As long as I live in low-income housing it will be a very bad area. And I’m tired of blamng myself. Feels like my brain is being deprived of oxygen and is dying while no one cares.  When I told the case manager about freezing last winter he said we would need to get me some space heaters or something. But he knew about the problem last winter and did nothing. If you had brought snow in here it proably wouldn’t have melted. My poor cat Shania deserves better.  So,I’m writing to some state higher ups. Tried the Americans with disabilities act people but got nowhere. Feels hopeless. Still having severe depression and suicidal ideation. Don’t know what impact the letter will have. Most likely none. But I have to do something.  Here’s hoping. Kind of. A little. Ready yo quit. But muxt keep trying for Shania.


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