My life was spared-because someone offended me.


I’ve had my life saved once. Maybe twice By others who had the guts to offend me. Once I ended up in the hospital. The doctor prescribed some medication that smelled like rotten eggs and tasted worse. I refused to take it. My sensory sensitivity might have had something to do with it. Finally the physician told me straight out, the drug was the only thing standing between me and a transplant!! That was not what I  wanted to hear. But he didn’t think about offending me or what my opinion of him might be. I took the meds and recovered. Today I am not dead or on dialysis or awaiting a transplant I would stand zero chance of getting. Bless that doctor. Today it seems the unpardonable sin is “Thalt shalt not offend.” Even at great cost including lives. The other instance I won’t go into here. The sin is not having the slightest concern for those we harm with all this “do not offend” garbage. People see it as a free pass to do anything no matter how twisted wrong or evil. Those doing the most offending are the ones screaming about it the loudest. Thank God for the ones with the guts to tell the truth. And doctors who care about their pateints.

Dose of medicine.




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