When Treatment Becomes Torture: This is What Disabled Oppression Looks Like

I won’t shut up till that place shuts down.


therapy So-called “Therapy” (Claytia G.)

Every day for close to twenty years, disabled children, youth, and adults have been abused and tortured at the Judge Rotenberg Center (JRC) in Canton, MA where torture is described as treatment, and punishment is described as therapy. Students at the JRC must wear backpacks with wires attached to their legs and arms that bear electrodes designed to give electric shocks that are more powerful and more painful than police tasers.

The JRC claims that this is the only “treatment” that works for those with severe behavioral challenges, but we know better. Subjecting people to torture and forcing them to witness the same torture of their fellow students is not going to eliminate problematic behavior, but it can and will lead to further psychological problems, including post-traumatic stress, depression, and anxiety.

Some parents of children at the JRC believe that this electric shock treatment has saved…

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