The condition of my lungs. I can’t breathe.

My lungs feel like they are being crushed together. Like my ribs are squishing them. And that one day soon they will be completely compressed and destroyed. I will die. and the fact that nobody cares is very hard to take. Breathing is extremely difficult. And becomong more so every day. The doctors insist it is an allergy but I know it isn’t. A former caregiver said it didn’t sound like an allergy to him but nothing was done.Every breath could be my last. Every day. Every post. Before long it will be. Why should I die because I’m handicapped? Oh right! Others see me as life not worthy of life. Too old. My condition is probably treatable. But since I’m disabled forget it!!! Isn’t that kind of discrimination illegal? Where is all the talk of “curing” Autistics now? They are only interested in making up Neurotypicals. So they don’t have to be around or put up with us. Either that or please die? Is being Autistic costing us our lives? No not Autism. It is the hate stigma eugenics and ableism in the NT world around us. If I hear another thing about blue lights puzzle pieces “awareness” campaigns-designed to keep people unaware and in the dark-and “autism is akid’s disease one more time…it’s like having a truck run over me. Literally. While I lay there and no one cares. Too busy screaming “awareness awareness”!!!! Mind if I vomit or give up? Can’t take anymore. Can’t take feeling I should have died at birth because I’m such a burden. Unloverd and resented. Ugly. What did I do? What crime did I commit? Sice when is…no wait a moment. What is being done to those of us on the spectrum is the crime! Discrimination against every other group in the U.S. is against the law. But when it comes to the handicapped community anything goes. Hard to believe that in this country my people are dying from suicide and seizures twenty to thirty years younger than the norm. For no other sreason than our neurology.  With more medical advancements than ever before I will most likely pass away soon because I am Life not worthy of life?? Is this really what America and the world thinks of us? How they hate us. Well, This may be my last post. Wondering where I’ll be when my lungs give out. Crossing a street? walking up the steep hill?  On the bus? Home by myself? Please spectrumites. Document as much as you can bout what is being done to us.. It’s like we are being  sacrificed on a blue altar of “awareness.” Create a record of what’s being done to us so that the world is without excuse. God knows everything that is going on. And He will not leave the guilty unpunished. Below is a link to the story of a young man who was denied a heart transplant because was Autistic.










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