When caregivers don’t do their jobs.

There is an agency that is supposed to provide caregivers for elderly and disabled clients.  What a joke. Don’t ask about the first one.  The second one wanted me to move into an apartment underneath a trailer. These people are all on psychotropic drugs and too unstable to manage their own lives let alone be caregivers to others. All too often they either don’t show up, No explaination. Make excuses or don’t do what they are supposed to do. I was recently told one would help me clean up my room and replace a curtain that had fallen down.  Neither of these things have happened. They are cunning and manipulating. Claiming that I don’t answer their knocks on the door. (I have very good hearing) One left me stranded at the store and drove off facing a long walk home  and did not let me know. Did it again while at my apartment. I do not need all the grief and meltdowns that come from hearing about all the stuff that’s going on in their personal lives. I have my own to deal with.  They are supposed to keep what I say and do confidential. Too often that is not the case. They know I need predictibility but it doesn’t matter to them. Last week I needed them to take me to the grocery store as I don’t drive. We did not go. We go where and when it is covenient for them. Excuse me, but if you decide to move two yards from where you live that is no valid reason for not showing up at work. I dread when they do come here. When I call Calhoon aging I am asked if I want another “caregiver” instead of making them do their job. Whenever I tell others about all this they insist I’m the problem. No support. And the people who work there lie like crazy when it suits them. As do all my so-called “support system.” Am trying to move and the new apartment complex is out of the area they work in. I have problems doing some exeryday things like cleaning and hygene without support. What support? If the agencies fail everyone expects me to make it on my own. I do not want to end up in another sleezy hotel for one hundred and thirty one days.  About the only thing they are reliable and consistent about are billing sheets they fill out very dishonestly. Making sure I sign them. Some items and clothing might have been stolen. Hard to believe Medicade will cover this. But not medical treatment I desperately need or the outpatient program I was in. My vision is getting worse. But theyr is no chance of my seeing an eye doctor. Every one of Calhoon aging employees have made promises about furbiture. None of it has matrialized.  Clothes are piled up on the bed with nowhere to put them.  No drawers. Feel hopeless and full of anxiety. Overwhelmed and alone. These people knew I was having a suisudal depression-as did all the agencies on my “sopprt system list-but did and do nothing. The law states that they nust immedietly get me into treatment. Think anyone will care? My therapist is no real help. And family members either. Though they are a bit more supportive. My cat is laying on my lap. There when nobodu else is. So nonjudgemental. Always here for me. It seems I am too old so I’m dumped by the system and all those people who are supposed to be there for me. I’m not so financially profitable any longer. Feeling worthless damaged and a useless eater. Just me! That is not a comment about anyone else. Hate felling this way. It’s like I don’t deseve to be treated like a human being. Not sure what to do about Calhoun againg. Don’t need the meltdowns. Wish someone, some person cared.


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