“Miracle” on the Hudson, misplaced praise.

Went to see the movie Sully today. About the so-called miraculous landing of flight 549 on the Hudson river. And while the feat itself was impressive, something is wrong. Captain Chelsey Sullenberger is being harolded and praised as the the one behind this amazing piece of aviation history. And while no one can doubt the skill of the pilot and his crew, not one has acknowledged or given credit to God for His part in what happened that day. Every day this landing is being called a “miracle.” Yet even Sully himself continues to ignore and outright deny Jesus protection on the river that day. Instead taking a secular attitude. Everyone involved is responding the same way. This seems to me like a very foolish thing to do. Now with the movie out the same trend continues. Foolish is nation the nation that forgets God. The land shall be left to you desolate.


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