Boycott the movie Vaxxed. Nothing about us without us.

“The truth is, being disabled, being Autistic, and having such moments broadcasted for the whole world can, and will affect how we are treated, and the expectations about us.”  -Amy Sequenzia.

The filmakers are exploiting young people on the spectrum. Attempting to scare parents into avoiding vaccines by showing the kids in vulnerable moments. Not giving the Autistics-or their parents?-a chance to speak for themselves or explain their behavior. Perhaps the filmakers are acting out of concern. But their partnering with the founder of Autism speaks, despite all the information and outcry  from Autistic people against this terrible organization. I feel so bad for those young people in that stupid movie. Wondering how their parents or anyone else could do that to them. And if the creators of Vaxxed were so worried about how vaccines are effecting children-a concern I share-then why isn’t the film being shown nationwide? We the Neurotribes were not put here to be used by others for money or to further their own ablelist agenda. Did anyone ask if those Autistics wanted to have their very private moments to apear in the movie? Did anyone ask how it will effect the rest of their lives? How heartless can you get? Obviously the people behind Vaxxed have no concern whatsoever for those they are exploiting. Either directly or indirectly. Fear pity revulsion stigma, sympathy for those who use bully and kill us.  From what I’ve seen there is no oppertunity for a person on the spectrum to be heard. Vaxxed deliberately features only those who do not have a voice and are not given one. It merely presents Autism as a life destroying tragedy that must be eliminated as soon as possible. We are human beings. People with lives and rights  I have no intention of watching Vaxxed ever. And if you care about Autistic people and their families you won’t either. Our private moments are not for public scrutiny or exploitation. Nothing about us without us.


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