I refuse to spend another winter freezing.

Last year my apartment was literally like ice. The landlord and gen. manager refused to repair the heater. And still do. It was just as cold in here as it was outside. I told everyone in my life and begged them to help me. All I got was a small space heater the gen. manager brought over. It was borrowed from a neighbor who has since moved away. It provided very little warmth and made very little difference. I told my family but they did nothing. My poor kitty was so cold!!! It is already getting chilly at night. And and once again all I hear is “maybe you’ll move.”  People were in here last winter. They know how unbearable it was.  I can’t go through that again. Is this what it has come to? All those who wask away and do nothing? Many of whom bill my insurance while leaving me And my cat Shania to freeze? So, I’m damaged trash and not as good as NT’s so I don’t deserve any heat this winter? I can’t go through that again. And I will literally die firsr. Is that what this world thinks about those of us on the spectrum? While countless orginizations movie makers and individuals are cashing in on stigmatizing and ignoring us? It reminds me of how the Jews were treated under Nazi Germany. And Blacks in Eighteen hundreds America. Second or third class citizens? Not good enough? Subhuman? I don’t have the strength to go through another winter freezing. While nobody cares. People as cold as the temperatures. Oh how they hate us. Well, they won’t go through that again. Won’t be their vioctims in an icy apartment again. Oh, I forgot. The landlord and company refused to move me to another unit with a working heater. Saying they didn’t do that. Well they did. To another tennant.





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