If the Holocaust happened today.

Note. This is not a racist post!! The subject matter is merely being used here as an example to express something I have been thinking about.

Imagine if the Nazi Holocaust were happening today. Instead of allied forces we would have armies of fundraisers. Instead of heroes Like Schindler we would have German celebrities claiming only they were the “real Jews” and that only they knew what it was like to be semitic. The only voices listened to. Prapoganda films portraying Jews as either psychotic and deadly or  miserable and without hope desperately in need of a “cure.” If they wanted it or not. Every Gentile would support putting God’s chosen people in ghettos and camps insisting it was for their “own good” and told they had a disease while ignoring the cries of current and former inamates.  Everyone would wear swastikas and light it up red for “Nazi awareness” Germans at the camps would claim to have found a “cure”  Jews would be the most hated people on the planet. Again this is not a racist post. Rape, abuse, bullying, harassment, workplace descrimination, stigma, lack of lifesaving medical care, torture,  starvation, illegal and forced incarceration, homelessness, illegal housing discrinination, neglect and murder by family members and caregivers, innacurate and harmful portayal in the media, harassment and death at the hands of police. Caregivers who did not do their jobs. Forced to live in a society that lacked accomodations needed to live their lives. The attitude that they could become Gentiles or die. Heaven forbid! A society that would no longer tolerate even the ghettos in their neighborhoods. Claiming that the places were “scary.” Gentiles who made the claim that only they were the real “experts” when it came to being Jews and anyone claiming otherwise was crazy, would be sent to camps. There would be an organization called Jew speaks made up entirely of Germans that would be hailed wordwide as the formost authority-the only authority-on semitics. That collected millions if not a billion dollars in donations. Despite the fact that the orginization hated Jews and was searching for a way to make these people disapear off the face of the earth. Condoned the killing of Jews by family members and so-called caregivers. Anything! No matter how wrong evil or dangerous-anything conceived of by the mind of man–far worse than the Holocaust itself-is condoned and smiled at as long as it perpetuates the desease of “awareness!” Amything for awareness! Whatever the cost in suffering and lives. Everything would be focused on getting rid of the poor souls Jewish-ness .Everyone would hold bike races and walk in circles to raise funds for Hitler’s Final solution. In the streets, in public, everyday the people of the Old testament would hear that they should not be tolerated. Living their lives in fear. And the prisons would be filled with them instead of those who killed them. Stigma would be everywhere until, unable to endure the pain any longer the suicide rate would jump to ten times the Gentile average. The pain and violence would be written on their very souls. Cutting deeper like a sharp dagger every waking hour. In their hate and indifference, society would be incapable of feeling the slightest bit of concern empathy or sympathy for their suffering fellow human beings. While accusing the Jews of that very thing and using it against them as an excuse for the abuse neglect and violence. Finally…the worldwide popularity of the Nazis would be unprecedented as they were seen as champions of the cause of those who were anti-semitic. The champions of “awareness”! The Holocaust would be  far worse and worldwide. There is a Holocaust going on today. Autistic people have replaced the Jews. Autism speaks is the real  organization. Blue puzzle pieces multicolored ribbons and blue lights have replaced the swastikas. The hate towards my people the spectrumites is real and growing. All because of that little word “awareness.”


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