Open letter to Raun Kaufman of Son-Rise

Avoid the Son-rise program!!

Left Brain Right Brain

I read your press release today Mr Kaufman and I just wanted to pass on a few thoughts to you. Your PR piece for an upcoming tour of my country begins with:

Parents of autistic children around the world face daily prognoses of hopelessness. Recent media stories highlight this: In April this year, Alison Davies, 40, leapt to her death from the Humber Bridge in northern England, taking her 12-year-old autistic son, Ryan, with her. In the U.S., Karen McCarron, 37, killed her three-year-old autistic daughter, Katherine, by placing a plastic bag over her head and then tried to overdose on over-the-counter medication a day later. She faces two charges of first-degree murder.

Every day around the world, parents like these are told that their children will never speak, attend a typical school, make friends, or even learn to dress themselves. Raun K. Kaufman tells parents something very different. He…

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