Hurricane Mathew rant.

started burying some of its dead in mass graves in the wake of Hurricane Matthew the death toll from the storm rises to 1,000 people. Qoute from Twitter.

My comments.

After foolowing the story of Hurricane Mathew for the last four days, the severity in Florida, the southern areas of the east coast and especially Haiti, I have been shocked at the sevrerity of the suffering and loss of life from this storm. Outraged and upset at the senslessness of the conditions brought on by Mathrew. The lack or concern by our media, preferring to air the  candidates instead of hurricane coverage. Putting even more people at risk and perhaps contributing to the loss of life. While not at all overlooking the contributions of reporters who braved  the conditions in order to keep the country informed and networks like the Weather channel. The blatant indifference displayed by much of America’s news media is without excuse. How many deaths pain and fear could have been avoided? Why have we not seen more involvement from our candidares and president? Especially for Haiti? Many in this country are going without needed assistance. Why has no state of emergency been declared? As the loss of life continues to climb? And these candidates expect us to put our trust in one of them for the next four years? Anyway, I have been thinking. Wondering if HAARP could possibly be involved. Hurricane Mathew would not be impossible fot those in our government who operate that giant weather modification machine. The globalists speak of wanting to reduce the world population by eighty pecent. The Cholera outbreak in the already earthquake ravaged Nation of Haiti seems to have happened unnaturally quickly.  Alright this might sound paranoid. But it has upset me.  The people in our government and globalists sicken me. They are evil. I would not put it past them. God bless all those effectd by Mathew. Especially in Haiti. May God bring them comfort and support. It is my fervant prayer that other countries will reach out. Prayers please from everybody. While the storm has passed many on the east coast of the U.S. still have flooding and other conditions to cope with. Wish I could go to those areas and help. May God judge our leaders and potential leaders  Bring confort to those still suffering. Including and especially the handicapped elderly animals and those most in need. He can move mightly. The Bible is filled with accounts of His miracles. Lord, show me any way I can be of assistance to those people.  I will continue to follow the story of Hurricane Mathew. But have the feeling the reason for this terrible storm had nothing to do with global warming or simply by nature itself..


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