Broken phone new worker cobras rodants and Tony Attwood.

Well, my government phone, the only phone I have that I can use, has quit working. The keyboard is completely unresponsive and so is any attempt to charge it. It rings but can’t answer it. Neighbors couldn’t help. I emailed Assurance wireless but they replied and told me they have to have the PIN number in order to help me. I was concerned my caregiver would not come since they usually call first. They did show up but a different one. Big disruption for me. She tried but couldn’t fix the phone. Wich was ordered by an RN at the same orginization where my caregiver does. So the RN, Sandra, has the letter with the PIN. The caregiver phoned Sandra who had already left. Will try again tomarrow. Worse, there might be rodants in my apartment. In my room. To understand my anxiety level, imagine if the rodants were cobras. Not saying they are. So no phoone. Problems in my apartment. New worker without warning. And I looked at a video on You tube that featured “Doctor” Tony Attwood. He seemed to be saying that a mother shouldn’t be making a big deal out opf her Aspie son’s suicide like behaviors. suicide is very serious and should not be taken lightly. Mind you I didn’t watch the entire video. Especially with such high rates of people on the Autism spectrum attempting it. For goodness sake Tony Attwood. How can he be that stupid? Now my cat is having trouble with her fur!!!! Can’t take this anymore. Anymore and the crisis hotline number may not help. Feel so alone in this. Might walk down the hill. Without a phone. What a day.


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