Keep pets indoors on Halloween!!!!!!!

My comment. Every Halloween police find dead animals the have lost their lives!!!!!!!
Every Halloween, several pets disappear from front porches and back yards, says Kelowna SPCA branch manager Sabrina Fedorak.

The SPCA gets multiple calls on Halloween involving animals — often black cats — in distress situations.

“Very few of these animals resurface again. It’s really horrible,” says Fedorak

Quoted from the link.


2 thoughts on “Keep pets indoors on Halloween!!!!!!!

  1. Thank you so much for posting this. I really, really appreciate it. Animals, especially cats, are an extreme sensitive spot for me. My love for them is tremendously deep. Because of the extra-sensitivity, I also really appreciate how you worded this message – enough information to get the idea across, without any traumatizing visual specifics ❤

    Thanks again 🙂
    ~The Silent Wave Blog writer

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    • It’s the thing I hate most about Halloween!!! I have asked people to keep their cat’s indoors, during that day but nobody will listen. I have a precious cat named Shania who stays indoors all the time. I can’t take it when Halloween comes. I feel scared and physically upset when I think about what happens on October 31st. It’s horrible. Shania saved my life. If your not going to love and care for a pet Don’t get them!!!! Don’t know what I’d do without my cat. You seem to think the same way about animals that I do. Thank you so much for your comments. It’s nice to encounter someone who doesn’t call me over-sensitive or laughing about it!!!!


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