When Asperger’s / #ActuallyAutistic people appear soulless…

the silent wave

We’re not.  I promise.

If you tell me that something bad has happened to you or that you’re sad or upset, I may not respond right away.  Or, I might respond fairly quickly, but say something awkward.  As in, the Wrong Thing.

Either way, I may appear to not care.  I may appear to lack feelings.  Maybe even a heart.  Maybe even a soul.

This may upset you even more.

Please understand that that’s not my intent.

I (we) really do care.  I really do have a heart.  I really do have a soul.

It’s just that it often takes me (us) longer to respond.  I have to process what I’ve just heard.  I have to overcome my own (deep, complicated) emotional response (which is always a challenge in itself because I care so much about you and knowing that you’re suffering is overwhelming for me). 

I have to do…

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